What are SVQs and NVQs and how are they achieved?

SVQs are Scottish Vocational Qualifications and NVQs are National Vocational Qualifications.

They are attained by the demonstration of your knowledge and skills to the criteria detailed in the National Occupational Standards (NOS) relevant to your SVQ/NVQ course. Your knowledge and skills are assessed by your Edutrain assessor.

What is the role of an Assessor?

The role of an Assessor is to assess your competency in your job role to the performance and knowledge requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS). Assessors also provide guidance throughout the duration of your chosen qualification.

What is the role of an Internal Verifier (IV)?

The role of an Internal Verifier is to quality assure the assessment process and ensure it has been carried out to the highest of standards.

What is the role of an External Verifier (EV)?

The role of an External Verifier is to monitor the Assessors, Internal Verifiers and the approved Assessment Centre.

What is the role of the approved Assessment Centre?

The role of Edutrain as an approved Assessment Centre is to offer SVQs and NVQs through an Awarding Body.

Do I need any qualifications/experience before undertaking my SVQ/NVQ?

The only requirement is to be in employment in the relevant job role suited to the qualification.

What level of SVQ/NVQ should I aim to undertake?

This comes down to your job role and work activities, you should base the SVQ/NVQ level on the qualification or unit(s) that most closely reflect your work-related activities.

Do I need to complete a SVQ/NVQ in full at once?

This is not the case, you have the flexibility to complete one standalone unit or a group of units that make up the SVQ/NVQ. It should be noted that SVQs/NVQs are made up of a range of mandatory and optional units, and depending on what you choose you can have individual units certified if required.